"Site Help" Forum

If you have problems or questions regarding the forums, the wiki, or any other part of the Eilistraee.com site then this is the place to ask. This includes bugs you run into, things that seem wrong, spelling errors, questions about ranks and experience points and such, etc. Please first make certain that your question hasn’t already been answered.

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"Site Help" Forum

Post by Shir'le E. Illios » Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:22 pm

This forum is now the “Site Help” forum. :)

This is the place to post bugs, post problems you've encountered, as questions about how things work, get help with the functioning of the site, post suggestions for the site, etc.

In this “the site” refers to all of Eilistraee.com. This includes:

[list:2hvrfac0][*:2hvrfac0][url=index.php:2hvrfac0]The Forums[/url:2hvrfac0]
[*:2hvrfac0][url=http://www.eilistraee.com/wiki/:2hvrfac0]The Wiki[/url:2hvrfac0]
[*:2hvrfac0][url=http://www.eilistraee.com/chosen/entry.php:2hvrfac0]The Main Site[/url:2hvrfac0]
[*:2hvrfac0]And any other part of the site that starts with “eilistraee.com”.[/*:m:2hvrfac0][/list:u:2hvrfac0]
Any bug threads will be closed as soon as we consider the issue resolved (if it turns out the issue is not please contact me to re-open the thread or if the issue seems separate open a new thread).

Questions and suggestions and such can be posted here as well. We’ll do our best to answer any questions to the best of our abilities. Off-topic posts will be moved or removed.

Enjoy your stay. ;)

Love -x-x-x-

F'sarn natha tithaur wun l'su'aco.

-= Shir'le E. Illios =-
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