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Sign In for The Journey to Dambrath

Posted: Mon May 17, 2010 5:58 pm
by NyssaRilynana
[i:2r6b881i]You MUST sign in here to participate in "The Journey to Dambrath" with NyssaRilynana.

For purposes of this Journey, we will assume the road begins in Dalelands. Our journey will take us EAST through The Vast, Thesk, and Thay. Then South through Mulhorand, The Shaar and finally to Dambrath.

Once we reach Dambrath a new mission will begin.

[b:2r6b881i][u:2r6b881i]Rules are as follows:[/u:2r6b881i]

1) Introduce yourself here. If you have not posted here, you will be ignored. Feel free to check this thread while posting in the Journey to Dambrath to make sure the characters you encounter are actually part of the group.

2) If you have any ideas for foes and places we should encounter on our trip to Dambrath, please PM me. DO NOT just post in the thread.

3) If you did not participate in the Journey, you will be ignored if you 'appear' in Dambrath hoping to help with the Vengeance.

4) No killing people who didn't attack you first.

5) Remember you are not indestructible. So some of us should eventually get hurt. Or else we've waisted all of our cleric spells for naught.

6) If you begin the journey and leave (or take a separate route), you will still be welcome into the group if you 'appear' in Dambrath.[/b:2r6b881i]

Please state the follow:

Special Abilities:
Any Other Special Skills:

Please try to keep your posts in this thread short.

Keep chatter in this thread to a minimum.[/i:2r6b881i]


Name: Nyssa Vasafay Rilynana

Race: half-drow, half-human

Class: Druid/Cleric

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Weapons: Nyssa carries a bow her father gave her when she made her druid vows. It is enchanted to make all of her arrows flaming and freezing. It is her main weapon. Her secondary weapon is a Scimitar. All weapons she carries have some personal meaning for her.

Special Abilities: Aside from cleric and druid spells, Nyssa is a trained apothecary. She used to travel with her parents dispensing herbal remedies. She has mastered the art of drow poisons (with help from her mother) as well. She is acrobatic and agile. She has good dipolmacy skills and a high charisma making her able to converse with anyone on any level.

Any Other Special Skills: Nyssa travels with a black panther named Cymus. He is not her pet, but rather a companion who can act independently of Nyssa.

Posted: Mon May 17, 2010 8:16 pm
by Gareth Ravenmantle
Name: Gareth Ravenmantle

Race: Teifling

Class: Level 15 Warrior, Level 8 Cleric

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Weapons: Gareth's Long Sica. Targe. Spiked Gauntlets

Special Abilities: First aid, Herbalism, General survival skills from
previous training as a ranger. His bigger stature and size, and his general nature make him a great bluffer (Because of his general trustworthiness, and attitude.) and a greatly intimidating person.

The sica looks something like this. ... 5145&stc=1

Posted: Mon May 17, 2010 10:48 pm
by J'dia Silverblade
Name: J'dia Silverblade

Race: Human

Class: Rogue/Sorceror

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Weapons: Asides from a few different forms of magic, J'dia is a firm believer in cold, hard steel when there isn't another way around it. He also carries a small enchanted dagger, but he uses it moreso for ritualistic purposes than anything else. If ultimately necessary, he can summon a bladed bow to defeat his enemies. But generally speaking, he is just as effective with any other weapon placed in front of him.

Special Abilities: Although J'dia has been known to show an aptitude for summoning magics, Warding Spells, and magical traps, in battle he prefers to use something he can trust--cold, hard steel. Rune magics are also a fancy of his, although he doesn't use them nearly as often. Least advertised of them all, however, is his immense ability towards blood rituals. These can range in purpose from healing to curses.

Other special abilities: Via his roots in Sorcery, J'dia has discovered a form of this art which allows him to change forms. I can elaborate on this later if needed, but I don't suspect J'dia will be needing this particular skill on this journey.

Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 12:18 am
by Inriiaynrae Jaelre
Ariali would like to join, but june & july i will be out for most of the area. i will get on those days i have internet access. so if that wont work for the RP then i understand. and the rest can be ignored.

Name: Ariali
Race: lythari (wild elf lycanthrope basically)
Class: ranger/cleric
Alignment: CG
Weapons: since lythari abhor fighting unless extream circumstance I will do more scouting and healing. (more info see character link in signature). but she has a returning chakram and sais in her elven form.
Special Abilities: ranger tracking, hunting, two weapon, herbalism, animal empathy; clerical spells with moon and travel domain.
Any Other Special Skills: wolf form.

Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 3:49 am
by NyssaRilynana
That is fine. As you long as you leave with us, you will be able to re-join us. Your character can take a side trip or stay in a town longer than we are going or whatever you think will suit your character to explain why you are not with us. :) Thank you for joining.

Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 8:02 am
by Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar
hey yall. i didnt see a rogue. so i can be one. and like Inrii, i will off and on this summer...i teach archery at a outdoor recreation camp.
and it says if i at least leave with yall i can rejoin.

Name:Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar (go by Zarae)
Race: drow
Class: rogue shadowdancer
Alignment: CG (verge of CN)
Weapons: Moonshadow and Steathwhisperer (longswords); throwing daggers; some odds and ends in the pack (sunflash pellets, vials of posion, ect)
Special Abilities:
rogue skills- disarm, pick lock, pick pocket, stealth.
shadowdancer- hide in plain sight, shadow jump; shadow illusion;
other: high born drow; drow spells; two weapon fight and defense; blind fight; can cast a couple simple wizard cantrips and level 1 spells. can summon a good aligned, Lurue following spider companion Shade

Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 8:04 am
by NyssaRilynana
oooo shadow dancer....awesome... welcome.

Posted: Thu May 20, 2010 3:57 am
by Aylstra Illianniis
Alright, I've been off for a couple of days, so I hope you'renot too far ahead. sign me up!! For those who know him, I'm using me bard lad...

Name: Lothir E'Terrin'dar
Race: Drow (Male)
Class: Bard(Battledancer)
Al: CG (Eilistraee)

Weapons: Valor(+3 Shifting Keen Saber of Swiftness), Honor(+3 Shifting Keen Defending Saber) A couple of daggers, hand-crossbow

Special abilities: Bardic Knowledge, Bardic Music(Suggestion, Inspire Courage+1, Fascination), Dervish Dance 2/day, tumble, balance, Drow abilities (substitute levitate for dancing lights- I'm old school, lol!), climb, swim, Dodge, Mobility, Whirlwind Attack, bardic spells (see profile for these)

Other: Has extensive knowledge of history, legends, and herbalism and alchemy. Good rapport with animals, and fair rider, also can identify most magic items. Excellent singer and dancer- for hen we all get bored on the road. Just watch out for his occasional pranks!

Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 3:03 am
by veraka
Ok, due to stupid circumstances my little vacation was cut short, so hope no one minds if I throw in my guy :D . . . . ok, guy's, since I guess I want Onix to tag along.

Name: Veraka Orden
Race: Aasimar
Class: Paladin/Storm Warrior(if anyone's curious, look up on profile page
Alignment: Chaotic Good(Though a bit at times can be Lawful)

Weapons: Marala Vharc, an air elemental-infused enchanted bastard sword that allows Veraka to store up and charge up his electrical-types attacks. Thunderstrike, an enchanted short sword that causes blindness or deafness upon contact with another being. Also has two Tanto-tipped 12' long knives, and a composite short bow for ranged fighting.

Special abilities: Due to his celestial heritage, Veraka is able to cast lighting type magic. Has acquired a darker side to himself, called the Berserker. (it's too long to post all of it, so see profile page for details) Other than his animalistic rage and his magical abilities, Veraka is fiercely loyal to friends, is very durable, capable of taking tremendous damage before going down. Also has a vision that lets him make out the auras of friend or foe alike.

Other special abilities: He travels with a chaotic good winter wolf named Aurora; communicates with her through a telepathic link that his celestial bloodline grants him; very protective of him, Aurora treats Veraka like a little brother in a sense.

Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 7:59 pm
by veraka
And for simplicities sake, here's my other char.

Name: Onix Theta-180
Race: Half-Wild Elf, Half-Human clone hybrid soldier
Class: Fighter/Weapons-master (technically speaking)
Alignment: True Neutral, though he tends to lean towards the 'Good' aspect of things.

Weapons: Onix carries his M92 'Mualer' HMG, or Heavy Machince Gun, as one of his ranged weapons; uses .408 caliber bullets as it's primary round, though due to it's limited ammunition, he doesn't rely on it as his other ranged weapon, the XPAC. Essentially a short-range plasma cannon with unlimited firepower, this weapon takes a full 2 seconds to recharge in between shots and its range is limited to 100 meters maximum range. He also carries two razor sharp Vibro-katanas that have straightened blades, these weapons use micro-vibrations to turn a simple sword into an effective can-opener weapon.

Special Abilities: Aside from almost all skills that come associated with being a commando and soldier from Earth, Onix possess a key intuition that has never failed him before when it comes down to life or death situations; his reflexes are twice as fast as the normal elf has, this is due to two decades worth of training drilled into his mind. An able leader, Onix was put in the position of squad leader because of his ability to look deeper into the norm of situations.

Other special abilities: aside from over twenty years of intense, pain-staking training and regimented instruction, Onix possesses a suit of armor that increases his strength, stamina, and overall physical prowess with no augmentation to the clone himself. The suit, which mirrors muscle tissue in texture, is comprised of organic material and regular nanites, creating a suit of armor that has the protective abilities of proteins like chitin and the solar absorbing properties like chlorophyll, but also has the physical-augmenting abilities of nano-technology.