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Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:35 am
by NathreeDe'Shezbron
(A few of his feats and stuff comes out of Exalted Deeds, specifically voluntary poverty section)

Zyeke LG
Male Drow Monk 15
Str 22
Dex 24
Con 14
Wis 22
Int 15
Cha 16

AC 10 + 7 Dex + 6 Wis + 8 armor + 4 deflection + 3 natural + 2 exalted = 40

DR 5/evil

Magic items:

Sacred Vow
Vow of Poverty
Monk (Stunning fist DC 25, Combat Expertise)
lvl 5 Subduing Strike (exalted) No penalty with nonlethal damage
lvl 6 Improved Disarm
lvl 8 ex Sanctify Ki Strike
lvl 9 Weapon Focus (Unarmed strike)
lvl 11 ex Vow of Nonviolence
lvl 12 Fist of the Heavens (+2 DC to Stunning fist)
lvl 14 ex Vow of Peace
lvl 15 Two Weapon Fighting

Special Abilities:

Calming Aura DC 20 Will (calm emotions spell)
This spell calms agitated creatures. You have no control over the affected creatures, but calm emotions can stop raging creatures from fighting or joyous ones from reveling. Creatures so affected cannot take violent actions (although they can defend themselves) or do anything destructive. Any aggressive action against or damage dealt to a calmed creature immediately breaks the spell on all calmed creatures.

This spell automatically suppresses (but does not dispel) any morale bonuses granted by spells such as bless, good hope, and rage, as well as negating a bard’s ability to inspire courage or a barbarian’s rage ability. It also suppresses any fear effects and removes the confused condition from all targets. While the spell lasts, a suppressed spell or effect has no effect. When the calm emotions spell ends, the original spell or effect takes hold of the creature again, provided that its duration has not expired in the meantime.
Gotten from

DC 26 stunning fist

If attacked by a manufactured weapon (not unarmed) weapon must make a DC 24 Fort save of shatter, dealing no damage.

Zyeke can only deal nonlethal damage (No killing).

Doesn't need to eat, sleep, or breathe. Immune to detect thoughts, or detect alignment.

Energy resist 15 to all types.

Freedom of Movement.

True Seeing (Not always active)

Short story of his life.

Zyeke was born a houseless urchin. His mother worked "the night shift" at a local tavern. He was the third child she birthed in this fashion. Since he had no house, he was not sacrificed to Lolth, as was the drow custom, but instead as soon as the young Zyeke was old enough to walk steadily on his own, his mother abandoned him in the darker alley ways of Menzoberranzen.
He had grown up surviving on the scraps he could scavenge from the scraps the servants of the lower ranked Houses threw out. He learned to fight with his fists early on in life, as the poorer part of the drow city wasn't much different from those of the other cities in Toril. As he neared two decades, he had a wiry frame, and a head shaved clean, since bathing wasn't a reliable, nor much expected commodity. At around this time, he was becoming bolder, moving up from the occasional theft from a food stall in the marketplace to now picking the pockets of unsuspecting passerby.
One day, he was having a particularly lucky streak, having passed a couple of minor officials, all males, so they had no escort, and even a lone priestess who seemed to have an urgent matter of the utmost discretion, leaving her honor guard behind.

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:02 pm
by Bhaern Quel
Stats appear a little high.
Please play at proper levels of power.

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:45 pm
by NathreeDe'Shezbron
Nope, stats are fine. The vow of poverty gives +8 +6 +4 +2 to stats offset with the fact I have absolutely NO magic items it balances out. If anything... they are actually kind of low:
str 14 dex 18 con 10. By level 15 those are considered subpar in fact :P I didn't use points given from levels, since I'm not sure if its 4 or 3 by level 15...

Lol, if anything, I expected more complaints about his auras more than his stats :).

Posted: Thu May 12, 2011 10:45 pm
by Cipherof3vil
[quote="Bhaern Quel":1ofe74b7]Stats appear a little high.
Please play at proper levels of power.[/quote:1ofe74b7]

Well, now [i:1ofe74b7]I[/i:1ofe74b7] feel bad.

Posted: Thu May 12, 2011 10:51 pm
by NathreeDe'Shezbron
Ha ha, naahh, they don't REALLY care, it's just a reference thing. Besides, character sheets really don't mean much for these types of thing. It's all writing flair :P