Character Concept

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Character Concept

Post by Agmasek » Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:06 pm

This post has a few purposes, one is to propose something I'm tossing around for idle amusement, another is possibly to throw a character into the mix, whom, while not conceived of within D&D or FR settings, translates fairly well for free-form RPs, if however, not all that well for campaign style RPs, or requirement of a detailed character sheet, another purpose is to invite others to give me their thoughts on the idea.

So here it is, I've been playing Kingdoms of Amalur. I know this game has got a lot of bashing for various reasons, it's not popular with a lot of people, but I like it well enough. I've built and played a character on there whose skills and abilities would be like a blend of rogue and ranger classes. In the KoA setting there is two varieties of humans, can't recall the names just now, and two elf races, that sort of encompass the natures of most of FR's various elf races. The Ljosalfar or light elves, are steeply inclined to magical pursuits, and generally their choice of gods are among the lawful and good sorts. The Dokalfar, or dark elves, tend more toward the arts of song and dance, as well as the ways of stealth.Their choice deities tend to favor those oriented with chaos and death. Ironically Dokalfar, are the only one of the two to boast a history as pacifists, before war and invading armies forced them to take up arms.

I have made a Dokalfar, whose appearance, is very much like a Drow, in fact could pass for one almost flawlessly, with the exception of the lack of their magical abilities. Named 'Spider' with a a bright red facial tattoo that looks like a trio of claws below his right eye, and lower lip,and about a medium length of white hair, that hangs over one side of his face, nearly hiding it,I have come to enjoy this stealth specialist character. Mostly specialized in archery, with some unique abilities, that add poison and bleeding damage to his weapons, as well, as use of stun-inducing smoke-bombs that make him temporarily undetectable, and some magical tricks channeled into the archery, specialized shots that fire multiple arrows, from just one. And of course, there's the dazzling dance of blades when using daggers, or a KoA unique weapon called a 'Faeblade' Will see if I can find pictures of some of the stuff I'm referencing later, and post links or images.

I have decided, Spider might be.... interesting to run through a little but of a FR-based RP, I'm sure we can come up with all kinds of magical explanations, for a whole 'nother variety of non-native dark elf ending up in an alternate reality. Nice thing about Spider, there's no family attachments, no home to go back to, just a highly skilled stealthy adventurer, applying his skills to help as many folks as he can, or if there's not people to help, then he's busy making a name for himself. It helps to have a reputation that terrifies enemies, and garners the respect of all else. The name, might however, make him seem a shoe-in for a Lolthite city, but unlike a Faerunite Drow, he's not afraid to defy someone with magic, female or not, and stab them full of holes if need be. a Matron Mother would require a certain degree of tact and patience to handle him, and make an ally of him.

Spider's choice of deity is Death oriented, Bhelen I believe is the name in the KoA universe.IF I were to introduce him as he is presently from my playing of KoA itself, even better for an adventure into a place like Menzo. Well, there's the gist of this character, opinions? Thoughts?

Hey if there's enough responses, maybe I'll start up an intro RP thread for him, we can have all sorts of fun.
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Re: Character Concept

Post by Bhaern Quel » Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:53 pm

It might be interesting, not sure about playing Menzo.
Less sure about I becoming involved in a play where a Matron mother would become ally or employer.

With that said, role play clearly has not been active and in some ways I would like to see some. There is no rule play has to occur on FR as far as that goes, play could be more based on Kingdoms of Amalur rules.

As is free flow clearly many things are possible. I hope you get interest that turns into a fun play.

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