The Slaughter King (Xion Gladious) Profile.

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The Slaughter King (Xion Gladious) Profile.

Post by Xion » Sun Oct 21, 2007 1:21 am

[b:3sgrdgtb]- Quick Reference- [/b:3sgrdgtb]

[b:3sgrdgtb]Nickname:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Exemplar of War, Slaughter King

[b:3sgrdgtb]Alignment:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Lawful Evil

[b:3sgrdgtb]Appearance:[/b:3sgrdgtb] (Picture below) 6’8” 245lbs

[b:3sgrdgtb]Kingdom:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Xukuth d'l'Har'oloth

[b:3sgrdgtb]Title:[/b:3sgrdgtb] King of Slaughter, Champion of Lloth

[b:3sgrdgtb]Level:[/b:3sgrdgtb] (+5 Level Adjustment)
10 Fighter/1 Squire/1 Knight/10 Paladin
1 Acolyte of the Divine/2 Cleric

[b:3sgrdgtb]Race:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Drow/Deep Dragon

[b:3sgrdgtb]Racial Abilities[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Darkvision
- True Seeing
- Dragon Senses
- Draconic Immunities
- Resistance to Poison[/i:3sgrdgtb]


[i:3sgrdgtb]- Resistance to Spells
- Spell-Like Abilities
- Detect Magic[/i:3sgrdgtb]


[i:3sgrdgtb]- Shapechange[/i:3sgrdgtb]

[b:3sgrdgtb]Learned abilities[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Command Prestige
- Superior Command Prestige
- Roughneck
- Controlled Rage
- Blade Master
- Breath Weapon (Acid)
- Muse of Selvetarm
- Magic Extraction
- Taint of the Wicked
- Second Sight, The Fate's
- Corrupt Champion
- Legion
- Brimstone Death
- Quasi-Deity[/i:3sgrdgtb]

[b:3sgrdgtb]Class Abilities[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Great Fortitude
- Weapon Focus (5)
- Powerful Attack
- Combat Expertise
- Weapon Specialization
- Brotherhood
- Knighthood
- Paladinhood
- Detect Good
- Smite Good
- Shining Beacon
- Lay on Hands
- Tainted Strike
- Divine Power
- Aura (Evil)
- Domain Spell[/i:3sgrdgtb]

[b:3sgrdgtb]Special Combat Maneuvers[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Tiu'xa d'natha Szithrel Keeshen
- Illing Cress
- Sanguine Cress
- Fashka d'Har'dro
- Gaia’s Vharcan[/i:3sgrdgtb]


- Domain: Evil
[i:3sgrdgtb]1) Protection from Good[/i:3sgrdgtb]


[i:3sgrdgtb]- Dancing Lights
- Darkness
- Faerie Fire [/i:3sgrdgtb]

(2) Lvl 0-Divine
[i:3sgrdgtb]- Guidance
- Purify Food and Drink[/i:3sgrdgtb]

(4) Lvl 1-Divine
[i:3sgrdgtb]- Deathwatch
- Divine Favor
- Magic Weapon
- Protection from Good
- Remove Fear
- Shield of Faith[/i:3sgrdgtb]

(2) Lvl 2-Divine
[i:3sgrdgtb]- Align Weapon
- Hold Person[/i:3sgrdgtb]

(2) Lvl 3-Divine (None made yet)
[i:3sgrdgtb]- Meld into Stone
- Prayer[/i:3sgrdgtb]

(2) Lvl 4-Divine (None made yet)
[i:3sgrdgtb]- Divine Power
- Cure Critical Wounds[/i:3sgrdgtb]

[b:3sgrdgtb]- Basic Information-[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[b:3sgrdgtb]Name:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Xion Gladious

[b:3sgrdgtb]Nickname:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Slaughter King

[b:3sgrdgtb]Race:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Drow/Deep Drow

[b:3sgrdgtb]Gender:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Male

[b:3sgrdgtb]Age:[/b:3sgrdgtb] 452

[b:3sgrdgtb]Alignment:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Lawful Evil

[b:3sgrdgtb]Starting Kingdom:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Xukuth d'l'Har'oloth

[b:3sgrdgtb]Title:[/b:3sgrdgtb] King of Slaughter, Champion of Lloth



[b:3sgrdgtb]Primary Weapon Hand:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Right.

Sword of Oblivion: An oversized great sword only wielded by Xion or any other current ruler. It resembles warped and constantly placed metals with a central glowing eye that actually watches people when awakened.
Blade Length: 6'7"
Handle Length: 2'4"
Weight: To heavy for anybody but its wielder to lift.
Minerals: Adamantine

[i:3sgrdgtb]-Disintegrate:[/i:3sgrdgtb] As a free action once per three posts Xion can direct a beam of pure fiery energy at an opponent. If struck the Target looses total Health as if he lost a good amount of Constatution, if this Kills the Target their body is lost and they can only be brought back by a True Resurrection Spell. If the target is killed, every item upon that beings person of under Artifact quality is lost as well

[i:3sgrdgtb]-Calling:[/i:3sgrdgtb] On command, the sword will appear from its slumbering existence into the plan of the hand of its master. It can go through any means of plane or magic due to being an Artifact.

[i:3sgrdgtb]-Fleshgrinding:[/i:3sgrdgtb] As a free action once per post Xion can command the weapon to grind through the flesh of any living opponent. Only works after a Hit has been confirmed and the weapon has been imbedded in an opponent. When activated it adds damage on top of the already confirmed hit equal to the amount dealt, effectively doubling the damage dealt that round.

[i:3sgrdgtb]-Charnel Reaver:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Any being slain by this weapon can not be brought back from the dead except by a being with a True Resurrection Spell.

[i:3sgrdgtb]-Soul Reaver:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Any being, who is slain by this weapon and is in possession of their soul, instantly looses their Soul. Instead of going to its final Resting Place, the Soul is stored as energy to be used at a later time. For any Soul to be resurrected that is held within the Sword, the Sword must be destroyed. Unfortunately the methods of destroying the sword have been lost to time.


Added Abilities:
Type: Heavy Fullplate
Material: Adamantine

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Crown of thorns:[/i:3sgrdgtb] When the wearer struck, it deals half the damage back to the person who dealt the damage. The damage countered back is considered non-elemental and non-aligned for determining immunities, resistances, or absorption abilities.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Necklace of Necromancy:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Control, Raise and Summon undead to your calling. 4 Undead per level of character. (Undead with a Higher Willpower than the Creator of the Necklace can resist the call, and Character’s with a Higher Willpower than the Creator of the Necklace can resist being raised as an undead Servant.)

[b:3sgrdgtb]Upper Body:[/b:3sgrdgtb]
[i:3sgrdgtb]- Full plate Armor of the Errdegahr Valuken:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Immune to strikes to critical areas on the body, massive blows, or instant death moves (Magical or Physical). The way the armor works is by equaling the amount of damage through the body, spreading it out to dampen the amount of damage that would normally be dealt to a specific area (Example: A normal move meant to slash off his arm, would instead cause only a small bruise. But in doing so he would still take the full amount of damage he normally would, but it is spread equally through out his body to lessen the focused damage).

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Chainmail of Power:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Grants the wielder a massive amount of strength.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Cloak of Resistance:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Adds heavy resistance against magical effects, Physical, Arcane, Psychic, or Divine.

[b:3sgrdgtb]Waist: [/b:3sgrdgtb]
[i:3sgrdgtb]- Belt of the Errdegahr Velveli:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Mage armor gives subject an exterior outline of magical field that grants a slight soak of damage.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Gauntlets of the Errdegahr Valuken:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Heavy Regeneration regains 1/10th of the wearers maximum health every turn.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Ring of Daywalk:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Allows Drow to walk in daylight without suffering penalties. (Immunity to ill effects from bright lights, and blindness)

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Ring of Battle Precognition:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Allows Wielder to see partially into the future during battle. This is two effects, The ability to partially see into the future when an offensive attack is against the wielder, and the second allows him to better avoid the attack if magical.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Leg Guards of the Errdegahr Valuken:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Allows Triple the distance when jumping. While jumping, the wearer can alter his coarse at any given time while still in mid leap, this allows him to easily jump short, or even instantly turn his movement left or right, or even backwards.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Greaves of the Errdegahr Valuken:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Quadruples the running speed of the wearer. This does not hamper his movements, or in any way guide by the laws of momentum, allowing the wearer to suddenly stop in his tracks with no ill effect.


[b:3sgrdgtb]Miscellaneous Items:[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Tattoo of the Magi:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Grants resistance to magical deflection. Also, if the spell casted is at least 3/4ths the strength of Xion's resistance, the spell or spell-like effect will reflect back to its original caster, dealing half of its maximum damage.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Beholder Eye Graft:[/i:3sgrdgtb] A magically cured Beholder's eye that was replaced into one of the eye sockets, and magically reconnected, it grants a small amount of power that the Behold had, before he lost it. Gives off a 50 ft. long, by 50 ft. wide Anti-Magic cone.

[b:3sgrdgtb]- Ethos-[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[b:3sgrdgtb]Appearance:[/b:3sgrdgtb]6’8” 245lbs

[img:3sgrdgtb] ... onFull.png[/img:3sgrdgtb]

[b:3sgrdgtb]Personality:[/b:3sgrdgtb] Normally seen as a brute, soon people realize him to be a cunning and narrow minded tactical genius. Spoiled with the ideas of power, he's not afraid to show off his temper by slicing down anyone that disagrees with him, at the wrong time.

[b:3sgrdgtb]Character History:[/b:3sgrdgtb]

Elitist under the King Vahlerahn, Xion found himself lacking in respect and loyal following to his weak king. Upon one day he felt a revolt through the speaking of the other Special Forces meant to protect their king, and brought a scheming plan to gather a way to kill this unkillable Headpiece. Through digging deep into the black-market he found himself paying off magic users and acolytes to speak with the found god that granted King Vahlerahn such ability.

It was then that he spoke with the god through means of the possessed acolyte and was geased to destroy him for his collected soul as bargained to the god for his granted ability. In return Xion was given a specific weapon that would allow any who wielded it the ability to reap souls for this god (as long as the soul was not already spoken for), and in such are granted unfathomable abilities. So he gathered his personal men, and soldiers against the king’s command and stormed the gates with little to no retaliation against him. The Drow where tired of sitting around fattening there tummies as they rot away. So they welcomed in open arms his attack on there king, and with it, and a long battled clash, the death of this godly granted king.

No sooner did Ex-King Vahlerahn's Body fall that his very being absorbed into the blade, and returned the soul to the god that it was promised to. Xion turned about, seeing if any would defy his steps up to the cold iron way to the throne, all hailed him, regaining a true king and a ruler to start their much needed war...

[b:3sgrdgtb]Racial Abilities[/b:3sgrdgtb]


[i:3sgrdgtb]- Darkvision:[/i:3sgrdgtb] The Drow while once having been similar to the Elves, lost their Keen Sight ability through millennia of living in caverns and instead have Darkvision out to a range of 120 feet.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- True Seeing:[/i:3sgrdgtb] All Deep Dragons are Partially immune to Illusions. This ability helps them see things as they truly are. Any Illusion or Shapeshifted being appears in the Deep Dragons Sight as what they truly are. Only Illusions or Shapeshifted creatures, cast by beings with a Willpower higher than the Deep Dragon’s appear as their Illusory or Shapeshifted self.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Draconic Senses:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Dragon’s unique senses give it the ability to sense the area around them. By using its nose and ears, and also by noticing subtle clues such as air currents and vibrations, a dragon can sense everything within 15 feet, even with its eyes closed, when shrouded in natural and magical darkness or even when swathed in impenetrable natural and magical fog.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Draconic Immunities:[/i:3sgrdgtb] All Dragons are Immune to Sleep and Paralysis Effects, Deep Dragons are Immune to Unholy as well.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Resistance to Poison:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Through the millennia of breeding with demons and experimentation with poisons, all Drow have developed a resistance to poison. It develops into something greater but to start it manifests as immunity to natural venoms and poorly made alchemical poisons.


[i:3sgrdgtb]- Resistance to Spells X4:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Xion has a Resistance to Spells as well as Poison.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Spell-Like Abilities X3:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Xion has the ability to cast some spells. These spells are Dancing Lights, Darkness and Faerie Fire. Each can only be cast once ever 5 posts to start.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Detect Magic:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Some Deep Dragons can see the very Fae that makes up Magic. They know of every Magical Item within their sight range (though not what this Magical Item does, just that it is Magical) and also know if anyone is casting a spell within their sight range.


[i:3sgrdgtb]- Shapechange:[/i:3sgrdgtb] The ability to alter ones body at extreme rates. Whether simply altering a single body part or the full body, it must be of a known creature or being and the wielder must know of its changed abilities. This also allows Xion to alter his body not just to specific creatures, but to copy specific abilities of them, and immunity to what is changed. (Example: Instead of taking the form of an Acid Ooze, he could turn the blood into his body into the potency of acid, thick and able to eat away at things just as the Acid component. Or, instead of growing Dragon Scales across his body, he could instead grow something as fine as Dragon like scales for armor, mind you, it's still connected to his body.)

[b:3sgrdgtb]Learned Abilities[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Command Prestige:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Any who follow under the legion of the person under Command Prestige gets a +30 to any individual three stats. Also, troops under the command of the person obtaining this Learned Ability, will get a .03/.03/3 added to their stats individually.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Superior Command Prestige:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Any who follow under the legion of the person under Superior Command Prestige gains +40 to any individual three stats, and are immune to emotion altering effects (Fear effects, Anger, Doubt, etc). Also, troops under the command of the person obtaining this learned ability, will get a .04/.04/4 added to their stats individually. This Learned Ability stacks with Command Prestige.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Roughneck:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Can use ones Toughness score with Agility and Willpower against magic. Due to the natural toughness of the body it would grant the person the ability to merely shrug off the magic with brute physique.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Controlled Rage:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Allows the person to go into a rage that doubles strength and toughness for a short duration of time. Lasts 10 posts and can’t be used for another 10 posts afterwards.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Blade Master:[/i:3sgrdgtb] When wielding any bladed weapon you are a master at using them. Double the damage of any Bladed weapon in your hands, stacks with Weapon Specialization.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Breath Weapon:[/i:3sgrdgtb] By exchanging a graft of his own body, he was allowed the tongue and gland of a black dragon, its immunities to acid, and a wide spread acid breath weapon. This is a natural graft. Breath weapon has a 100 ft. range cone that can alter to a line effect. Deals Acidic damage that lingers for 40 rounds. (Unblockable except by a Shield or Armor specifically enchanted against Acid or to be Indestructible.)

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Muse of Selvetarm:[/i:3sgrdgtb] This is a blessing from the Drow God of War. It cannot be dispelled or removed by any but the god that has granted it upon the person. Muse of Selventarm is the diehard ability not to succumb death. The very will to survive and live on. Two things come from it, the first is your Willpower is added to toughness in terms of calculating HP. By fighting enemies that seem nearly impossible it leaves no effect of fear, Magical or natural, but instead strengthens the person ten fold. The tougher the enemy, the tougher the Muse of Battle. All abilities will be heightened as if 1 level below the current level of the enemy but no lowers than the actual level of the Muse of Battle.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Magic Extraction:[/i:3sgrdgtb] When Xion is struck by a magical weapon, he can choose not to take the magical damage from it, but instead double the physical damage done from the weapon. Magical extraction also allows Xion to gain a short "immunity" to the magical effects of a spell school or energy type, for a number of Posts times 1/100th his willpower. But, when the time is up for the immunity, Xion takes the full damage of every number of times he was hit with that specific spell type ( Example: Specific school of spell, or energy type) all at once. This Learned Ability is very useful, but deadly at the same time, due to being able to overwhelm the user of it after the time is up.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Taint of the Wicked:[/i:3sgrdgtb] When Xion strikes an opponent with a weapon, body, or anything he touches, he can give off "taint". The main effect of this ability is to give off some of ones own sins to others, in such "tainting" even the most holy of beings with evil. Not only does it do double damage, like Unholy would to a holy being, or even vice versa, but it also does damage to the "holy" creature that uses it's spells or spell-like abilities (Example: Holy spells, Spells based off of Good alignment, or Spell-like abilities, etc.). This effect leaves no trace of its existence, thus any holy being attempting to use its holy ability, will instead take the damage of the Holy, or Good aligned spell in exact points it would be dealing (Example: If it was a healing spell, it would instead do that much non-aligned damage to the person casting the spell or spell-like ability, or deal non-aligned damage to the caster of a Holy spell or spell-like ability). This also discontinues the ability to use any holy weapons or anything that would be considered holy (If the weapon does holy damage, the person effected by this Ability will take that much non-aligned damage each round he/she holds it). The only way to remove this is by cleansing ones soul and body (If the creature this does effect does not have a soul, then only the body is needed to be cleansed). Last, but not least, the damage dealt from that point on by holy or good aligned spells, cannot be reduced by magical or natural causes, but it can be healed. This effect can be cleansed by a Remove Curse, Miracle, or Wish spell. This effect does NOT stack on top of itself and cannot be used multiple times against the same opponent that is corrupted.
(Undodgeable once struck)

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Second Sight, The Fate's:[/i:3sgrdgtb] By concentrating, Xion can alter his vision to see two realities, the Material, and the that of the realm that the Life threads attach. By doing so, Xion can lock his vision to the persons life string, and instead attack it. By doing so the person will take the exact amount of damage and all effects as if struck by the damage themselves. This ability can only be used against one person at a time, and when dealt enough damage to kill a person, the string is severed. This effect stacks with any ability.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Corrupt Champion:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Through means of loyalty to the purest of sinister evil, Xion has been donned the ability to have mastered resilience against Evil Aligned Arts. If subject of spell or weapon that deals extra damage to Evil creatures, he is instead immune to what extra damage the descriptor would add (Example: A holy sword or spell would not effect him as an Evil creature, but he would still take the normal damage that he would receive as if neutral).

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Legion:[/i:3sgrdgtb] By giving up his body to outsiders as a home to manifest, Xion has been granted the ability to use their powers. Xion can host a number of Evil Outsiders equal to his level at maximum. Xion takes half the total amount of the CR of all the Evil Outsiders he hosts in ability damage that he may place on his stats as he wishes. This allows him to use the Evil Outsider’s Spell-like abilities agreed on by the Admins. The effects of the ability damage are not healable by any means as long as the “Guest” inhabits the body and cannot be removed by any means beyond Remove Evil, Dismissal, Wish, or Miracle spells. By doing so will not harm Xion but extract the “Guest” from his body, leaving the hosts body still needed a full days rest to regain the ability scores to normal.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Brimstone Death:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Upon Xion’s death, a horde of fiends are summoned to avenge him. If Xion’s dies, his body then becomes a gateway to the Abyssal, allowing up to a maximum of one Lemures appears for ever two levels of character (Total 15). These creatures attack friend and foe alike, mindlessly until destroyed. This stacks with Legion, allowing what “Guest” Evil Outsiders to free themselves into the Physical. Under contract of the host, the Evil Outsider must attempt to insure revenge on its now dead host.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Quasi-Deity:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Also known at the “Hero Deity” is a status given by name alone. But in some rare occasions can be granted to few by actual deities that consider the person a pupil in the making. These entities cannot grant spells, but are immortal and usually have one or more ability scores that are far above the norm for their species. They may have some worshipers but aren’t considered actual Gods by any means. Xion’s brutal nature appeals to both Selvetarm the Drow God of War, and Kiaransalee the Drow Goddess of Death.

[i:3sgrdgtb]-Natural Defense:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Xion’s adept of thick skin and high ability to take hits, he’s grown the ability to absorb damage with ease. This grants Xion the ability to use his Toughness score as a natural means of Damage Absorption. This stacks with armor or alone, but it cannot be negated.

[b:3sgrdgtb]Class Abilities[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Great Fortitude:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Double the Characters Constatution for purposes of calculating how much damage he can soak.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Weapon Focus (5):[/i:3sgrdgtb] Add extra skill to hon deadly ability with a specific weapon.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Powerful Attack:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Double the Damage added to Melee Strikes by Weapons. (Including the bonuses gained through weapon Focus.)

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Combat Expertise:[/i:3sgrdgtb] The Character has learned to pull his punches, choosing instead of doing as much damage as they can, to absorb damage with their weapon. By describing your Character as Fighting Defensively and making an OOC note as to how much melee damage you are holding back, you will effectively create a damage shield. It will absorb as much melee damage as you withhold, though you can not withhold more damage than your Strength Stat.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Weapon Specialization:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Double the damage done by a specified weapon.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Brotherhood:[/i:3sgrdgtb] The first step in the initiation of the Path of the Knights and Squires. Each realm has its own benefits, but at this stage it is almost a burden, though it can grow into something great. One of the benefits worldwide is the fact that at any point if one is in a fight, and others within your Realm’s Brotherhood are near, you will always have allies, even NPC Knights and Squires, for they are required to help defend their brothers. At this low level though one must be careful, using the Brothers and Sisters of your Order as thugs can get you thrown out in some Realms. The draw back of this, is you become the low man on the totem pole, so to say. Any member of the Military above you can issue you orders, and expect you to follow them. Remember your soul and spirit are your own to protect, so you can refuse if you have good reason, just expect a large conflict to come of this. (This Ability is specific to The Squires Path and any path above it on the Warrior Tree.)

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Knighthood:[/i:3sgrdgtb] The next step of the Brotherhood Ability, this ability grants you the ability to Command any Knight, in your Kingdom’s Order of Knights, of lower Level than you (that has not progressed to a higher Path than Knighthood), as well as any Squire not bound to a Knight and expect the command to be followed. These commands must be of a military or training nature. The downside of this is that any Knight of higher level or a Higher order than you can issue commands to you. When you gain this ability, a title will be added to your name, Sir for males, Dame for females. It is either a social Faux Pa for someone to not use your title whom your Character outranks, or a grave insult. Those above you in rank do not need to use your title, but it is a compliment when they do. (This Ability is specific to The Knights Path and any path above it on the Warrior Tree.)

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Paladinhood:[/i:3sgrdgtb] one of the highest levels of Knighthood in the countries which have them, the Paladin is the ultimate Good Knight. In those Countries only the Champions outrank them. They are allowed to give orders to Lower level Paladins, all of the Knights and Squires that are not bound already to a Commander. They are however supposed to follow the commands of any priest that outranks them, as well as any Paladin. When first given this ability they are granted the title Lord for males, or Lady for females. (This Ability is specific to The Paladins Path and any path above it on the Warrior Tree.)

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Detect Good:[/i:3sgrdgtb] This ability works like a radar. It alerts the Character with this power when something that it is to detect comes within a range of 60 feet.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Smite Good:[/i:3sgrdgtb] This Ability allows a character with it to do more damage to whatever they are to smite. Each time it is gained Double the Damage done to whatever is specified.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Lay on Hands:[/i:3sgrdgtb] The paladins ability to heal instantly simply by laying his hands on a being. It can also be applied as extra damage by touching or through a Holy Weapon, to demons, devils and the Undead. The total amount a Paladin can Heal is equal to his or her Willpower X their total Paladin levels. (This Ability is specific to The Paladins Path and any path above it on the Warrior Tree.)

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Tainted Strike:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Any damage done by a Character with this ability to a Good creature of any sort can not be healed unless on Holy Ground. (As Sanctified Strike, but for Evil.)

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Domain Powers:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Domain powers are special abilities which a specific God or Goddess grants its followers. Each different God or Goddess has a different set of Domain’s, at first level, fifth level and tenth level the Cleric gets access to a new Domain Power. A cleric gets access to all of the Domain Powers which they have chosen. A listing of Domain’s can be found in the thread Domain Powers and Spells.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Aura (Evil):[/i:3sgrdgtb] A cleric has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to the Cleric’s and Deity’s alignment (see the detect evil spell for details). Clerics who don’t worship a specific deity or are neutral but choose the Chaotic, Evil, Good, or Lawful domain have a similarly powerful aura of the corresponding alignment. This aura is what many divine shields are built around, inner sanctums of most churches and temples are often set behind shields which only certain Auras can pass through.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Domain Spells:[/i:3sgrdgtb] Domain Spells are extra Spells which a Cleric gets to learn each time they level, but they are much more specific and the lists are chosen for them. A listing of Domain Spells can be found in the thread Domain Powers and Spells. At first one can only choose from the spells listed from the single domain one has access to, but as other domains open up one can choose a single spell from any Domain one has access to.

[b:3sgrdgtb]Special Combat Maneuvers[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Tiu'xa d'natha Szithrel Keeshen:[/i:3sgrdgtb]”Flight of a Thousand Daggers”. For a brief moment Xion is consumed with an extremely heightened amount of Agility and speed. For a single attack Xion’s Dexterity is considered x10, not only boosting his amount of hits, but his maximum speed. Though powerful, this also strains him for the quick instance of its use and he can only use half his current Strength for damage. Afterwards all returns to normal except his Drxterity, which stays at 1/5th its normal maximum for 10 rounds before returning.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Illing Cress:[/i:3sgrdgtb] “Bone Web”. By focusing his Shapechanging ability into a more sporadic and chaotic form, he can create hundreds of spike like bones to protrude from his body. They can either be shot out individually, from all radius direction, cone or line as Xion sees fit. They're small, at around half inch thick and two inches long spikes that can maximize a total of 500 around his body. They're weaker in form, smaller but quicker. Connected by small boneless limbs of muscle that help guide them. Not only do they pierce with blurring speeds, but the induce a poison and explode on impact. Their maximum distance is 100 feet from Xion's center, and if severed cause Xion no damage.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Sanguine Cress:[/i:3sgrdgtb] “Vampire Web”. Much like Illing Cress, Sanguine Cress uses bone spikes that lodge from the body. No more than 50 can be created around his body. Usually around two inches thick, and 6 inches long, they as well can be launched but only at a maximum of 50 feet. They're larger and hold enough muscular limb to them to direct and use a small amount of Xion's strength to penetrate, lift, or even toss their punctured victim. Their special means is to extract the life essence of the one they connect to, giving Xion a short term boost to his constitution, or healing him.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Fashka d'Har'dro:[/i:3sgrdgtb] “Force of Earth”. With a heavy lift and slam of his foot, Xion can create a devastating cone field in front of him quake. By heaving his foot down, the 50 foot cone will shift the earth around under it, cracking exploding or grinding uncontrolably. No sooner will pillars of plasma spray from the new opening, devouring any that get caught in the sudden shake of earth below them.

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Gaia’s Vharcan:[/i:3sgrdgtb] “Gaia’s Revenge”. After the effects of “Force of Earth” Xion can take an extra maneuver that plays off its effects. The opening of earth created by the effect of “Force of Earth” will be exaggerated as Xion kicks his foot up and out in a forward motion. And simultaneously a 50 foot wide of plasma and fragment earth spew out in a forward angle. Can spray outwards as a thick flow of Plasma that can consume anything within 400 feet long and an arc height of 200 feet.

[b:3sgrdgtb]Domain Spells[/b:3sgrdgtb]

[i:3sgrdgtb]- Domain: Evil
1) Protection From Good[/i:3sgrdgtb]


[i:3sgrdgtb]- Dancing Lights Once every 5 posts
- Darkness Once ever 5 posts
- Faerie Fire Once every 5 posts[/i:3sgrdgtb]

-[i:3sgrdgtb](2) Lvl 0-Divine[/i:3sgrdgtb]-
- Guidance: This spell imbues the subject with a touch of divine guidance. The creature who this is cast upon gains a 1/10 the Caster’s Willpower competence bonus on their next Damage or Resistance Check. This Spell can also be used to ask a single question of a Cleric’s Deity. It must be a question which can be answered with a single word answer, and only those who are in good standing in their particular Religion will gain an answer.

- Purify Food and Drink: This spell makes 1 cubic foot per point of the Caster’s Willpower, of spoiled, rotten, poisonous, or otherwise contaminated food and water pure and suitable for eating and drinking. This spell does not prevent subsequent natural decay or spoilage. Unholy water and similar food and drink of significance is spoiled by purify food and drink, but the spell has no effect on creatures of any type nor upon magic potions.

-[i:3sgrdgtb](6) Lvl 1-Divine[/i:3sgrdgtb]-
- Deathwatch: Using the foul sight granted by the powers of unlife, you can determine the condition of creatures near death within the spell’s range. You instantly know whether each creature within the area is dead, fragile (alive and wounded, with 3 or fewer Health left), fighting off death (alive with 4 or more Health), undead, or neither alive nor dead (such as a construct). Lasts for the Caster’s Level in Posts.
Deathwatch sees through any spell or ability that allows creatures to feign death.

- Divine Favor: Calling upon the strength and wisdom of a deity, you gain a +10 luck bonus on weapon damage for every three Divine Caster Levels you have (at least +10, maximum +60). The bonus doesn’t apply to spell damage. Lasts for the Caster’s Level in Posts.

- Magic Weapon: Magic weapon gives a weapon a +1/8 the Caster’s Willpower enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls which lasts for one post per Divine Caster Level.
You can’t cast this spell on a natural weapon, such as an unarmed strike (instead, see magic fang).

- Protection from Good: Grants a +20 to Damage Absorption, +20 Willpower for resisting effects from the corresponding alignment, +20 Agility for resisting effects from the corresponding alignment, counters mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders, meaning if they have the corresponding alignment they can not touch the protected, though if they have a non-aligned weapon they can strike with it.

- Remove Fear: You instill courage in the subject who must be within the Caster’s Willpower in feet, granting it a +40 morale bonus against fear effects for 10 posts. If the subject is under the influence of a fear effect when receiving the spell, that effect is suppressed for the duration of the spell.
Remove fear counters and dispels cause fear.

- Shield of Faith: This spell creates a shimmering, magical field around the touched creature that averts attacks for ten posts per Divine Caster Level. The spell grants the subject a +20 deflection bonus to Damage Absorption, with an additional +10 to the bonus for every six levels you have (maximum +50 deflection bonus at 18th level).
Material Component: A small parchment with a bit of holy text written upon it.

-[i:3sgrdgtb](2) Lvl 2-Divine[/i:3sgrdgtb]-
- Align Weapon: Align weapon makes a weapon good, evil, lawful, or chaotic, as you choose. A weapon that is aligned can deal double damage to creatures of the opposite alignment. This spell has no effect on a weapon that already has an alignment.
You can’t cast this spell on a natural weapon, such as an unarmed strike.

- Hold Person: Paralyzes one humanoid for 1 post/level. A winged creature who is paralyzed cannot flap its wings and falls. A swimmer can’t swim and may drown. (Willpower Resist)

-[i:3sgrdgtb](2) Lvl 3-Divine[/i:3sgrdgtb]- (None made yet)
- Meld into Stone: You and your gear merge with stone.

- Prayer: Allies +10 bonus on Damage, enemies –10 penalty to damage.

-[i:3sgrdgtb](2) Lvl 4-Divine[/i:3sgrdgtb]- (None made yet)
- Divine Power: You gain attack bonus, +60 to Str, and 10 hp/level.

- Cure Critical Wounds: Cures Double Willpower in damage +10/level
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Post by Tyrmer » Sun Oct 21, 2007 12:02 pm

Okay, this makes Paragons look like Pansys. Also this guy has been made with no ruleset I've ever heard if.

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Post by Delvaro » Sun Oct 21, 2007 1:29 pm

wow... thats long... TOO long...

ill just say that you are a mean guy! but also a good guy.. but you are mean when needed... am i right?

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Post by Xion » Sun Oct 21, 2007 3:53 pm

The rule set for the point system was from a site my friend owns. Szithla. It's a good site and based off multiple open license terms. Xion [i:1je5n8vz]was[/i:1je5n8vz] a ruler their, nothing special. Also, Xion is NEVER a good guy, but he has his morals. He has a warriors code, no matter how evil he is. That and he is Lawful.

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Post by Delvaro » Sun Oct 21, 2007 3:54 pm

what you ruled?

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Post by Xion » Sun Oct 21, 2007 3:56 pm

A city in the Underdark Known as Ilythiiri Thac'zilen. Unfortunately the name was a rush, so I realize how unoriginal it is. That and the most organized grouping of Drow military in the Underdark on the site. Normally it would be near impossible for even the most powerful of nobles to get 500 Drow to work together, Xion had 13,000, plus a grouping of many other creatures.

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Post by Xion » Sun Oct 21, 2007 4:00 pm

But also keep in mind. This is a new site, thus the reason I didn't feel right bringing in such a large force of military without the admins approval first. So, the military can wait.

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Post by Malek » Sun Oct 21, 2007 5:45 pm

GODDAMN!!! Can you say god-character?!
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Post by Xion » Sun Oct 21, 2007 5:52 pm

Thank you. I worked long and hard on him. Attempting to keep him below deity status, as well as continuing his ability to hold a grind session with ease. *Nods* He is a means of enjoyable slaughter.

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Post by Malek » Sun Oct 21, 2007 5:57 pm

Dude, you even would own my first character. My Paragon Drow lvl 35 Ranger/10 Fighter/10 Blade Master. Your character is so powerful it's obscene. Aren't there rules about how powerful you can be on this forum?
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Post by Xion » Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:03 pm

As I stated, he was created under agreement under another site. But he's no form of god. If anything I was going to modify him for this site, just felt his sheet should be laid down before hand. So calm down.

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Post by Malek » Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:16 pm

I meant no offense.
My patron deity is Freddie Mercury.

"If you wanna find out what's behind these cold eyes, you'll just have to claw your way through this disguise."-Pink Floyd

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Post by Xion » Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:32 pm

No offense taken. I just don't see the point in you assuming that I was going to keep him structured from another site, in one that's not even based off a point system. But with that said, I've partially updated him to better suit the site.

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Post by Malek » Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:36 pm

Sorry. I have a habit of jumping to conclusions.
My patron deity is Freddie Mercury.

"If you wanna find out what's behind these cold eyes, you'll just have to claw your way through this disguise."-Pink Floyd

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Post by Xion » Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:38 pm

As I stated, it's fine. In the end I don't take offense because A) This is the net. B) Alot of people jump to conclusions instantly. C) If in the end, people honestly have a problem with Xion, I can simply leave, nothing lost. So in all facts do what you feel you've got to do.

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