Character Bio: Velkyn Val'Serra

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Character Bio: Velkyn Val'Serra

Post by Delvaro » Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:59 pm

Okay, i wanted to post the bio now, but due to the late hour and me having to undergo 150 miles by train tomorrow, i fear i wont be able to do so tonight. But, tomorrow is a vacant day and my Bio will be here! :D I hope my character is interesting enough, because i damn love it!
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Post by Delvaro » Wed Nov 17, 2010 4:18 pm

Wo0t! Okay. now that i looked through the forums, i have noticed that someone is already using Venorik as a name, which is a bit sad for me since im using Venorik for quite a long while now. Anyway, it can be fixed with a new name, so no worries. Anyway, here is the bio i promised! :D

[b:36cmk20c]Full Name[/b:36cmk20c]: Velkyn Val'Serra (Simply Vel by some friends).
[b:36cmk20c]Aliases/Titles:[/b:36cmk20c] Shadow Claw, Hidden Blade, Death Rider.
[b:36cmk20c]Occupation:[/b:36cmk20c] Thief, Assassin, Commander of Raven Hills Stronghold.
[b:36cmk20c]Race:[/b:36cmk20c] Drow
[b:36cmk20c]Gender:[/b:36cmk20c] Male
[b:36cmk20c]Alignment:[/b:36cmk20c] Chaotic Neutral
[b:36cmk20c]Patron Deity:[/b:36cmk20c] Erevan Ilesere
[b:36cmk20c]Height:[/b:36cmk20c] 5'5"
[b:36cmk20c]Weight:[/b:36cmk20c] 140lbs
[b:36cmk20c]Age:[/b:36cmk20c] 64
[b:36cmk20c]Hair:[/b:36cmk20c] White
[b:36cmk20c]Eyes:[/b:36cmk20c] Ruby Red.

[b:36cmk20c]Appearance:[/b:36cmk20c] Stands at 5'5" this Drow is seen by many as rather handsome and the several scars that adorn his body only add to his charm. He is of slender build but with muscles honed by many battles and training. His skin is light grey and his white hair is cut down to shoulder-length. Always seen wearing an elven cloak and a mithril chainmail.

[b:36cmk20c]Class:[/b:36cmk20c] Fighter, Rogue, Blade Dancer, Pit Fighter.

Due to half a decade he spent in a surface arena, many opponents (and other people) call him honorless and many more fear to face him one-on-one. While he will still fight with honor he may, and sometimes will, do everything that needs to be done in order to achieve victory, whether it is to strike a downed opponent or use dirty tactics. However, due to his heritage and origins, not many are genuinly surprised by such behavior from him.

[b:36cmk20c]Personality:[/b:36cmk20c] While often appearing as a non-caring type, who could simply walk away from a person hanging down from a cliff, he will in fact go to great lengths to help his friends and people he thinks highly of, though that list is not large. Easy going and loves spending his time by doing things he considers 'fun', which include sparring, telling jokes and a drinking contest at one inn or another. Sarcastic and sometimes charming, he is very easy to get used to-if one ignores his heritage-and even to like him. While not often caring about honor, rather concentrating on getting his objectives done, he knows the value of honor and not many has earned the privilige of recieving it from him, other than his long companions. He has difficulties with trust and it takes him great lengths of time to trust someone fully, all this because of his first friend, who repaid his trust with a dagger to the back (literally).

[b:36cmk20c]Hates:[/b:36cmk20c] Despises, loathes spiders. He was never able to explain this fully but he tells of a hatred, fury, that floods him every time he sees a spider, bidding him to crush it under his boots. Such compulsion had almost led him to his doom not once in the underdark, where the spiders are too large for a single boot.

[b:36cmk20c]likes:[/b:36cmk20c] Dwarven Ale, Laughter, Marketplaces, The North and combat. Harbors an unexplained attraction to moon elves.

[b:36cmk20c]Special Abilities: [/b:36cmk20c]

[b:36cmk20c]Battle Trance:[/b:36cmk20c] When falling into the Battle trance, only thoughts are remaining withing the warrior's mind, making the task of distracting him nearly impossible.

[b:36cmk20c]Equipment:[/b:36cmk20c] Prefers wearing light armor and using light weapons. Carries a pair of bags of holding, several pieces of enchanted jewelry and enchanted clothing.

[b:36cmk20c]Shi'lok[/b:36cmk20c] - Elven Longsword (curved). An enchanted blade that supposedly passed through generations within his house. The formerly sentient blade still carries it's enchantment, enabling the wielder to slightly deflect or counter spells thrown at him (varies with the type and level of the spell). Such an action often causes pain to the wielder.

A pair of curved long daggers (almost short swords), [i:36cmk20c]Flamgra[/i:36cmk20c] and [i:36cmk20c]Inthuul[/i:36cmk20c], both enchanted.

[b:36cmk20c]Flamgra[/b:36cmk20c] posseses a serrated edge and by the will of the wielder can heat up to extreme levels, usually burning the victims flesh before piercing it.

[b:36cmk20c]Inthuul[/b:36cmk20c], by the command of the wielder can become much colder to the touch, even slightly freezing the wounds caused by it and spreading cold numbness around it.

Both of these daggers became known with the drow who wielded them because of his prowess with them, and because his victims rarely bled.

[b:36cmk20c]A drow small hand-crossbow.[/b:36cmk20c]

[b:36cmk20c]A multitude of throwing knives.[/b:36cmk20c]

Magical Items:

[b:36cmk20c]A wand of lightning:[/b:36cmk20c] When ranged combat is the only option and a bigger...punch is needed.

[b:36cmk20c]Elven cloak of the Chameleon:[/b:36cmk20c] A gift from a good friend. Enables the wearer to blend in with his surroundings at will.

[b:36cmk20c]Enchanted Elven boots:[/b:36cmk20c] Can be silenced at will.

[b:36cmk20c]Monocle of Detect Magic:[/b:36cmk20c] A monocle which enhances the wearers sight, allowing him to see enchanted items and other magic related things, like traps for instance.
A pair of Bags of Holding:[/b:36cmk20c] One might never know how much he will carry at the end of an advanture.

[b:36cmk20c]Several pieces of enchanted jewelry he never figured the purpose of:[/b:36cmk20c] He could always feel the magic in them, but for some unknown reason he never bothered finding out their properties. Current use: currency, when needed.

[b:36cmk20c]A diamond ring:[/b:36cmk20c] For the sole purpose of cutting glass whenever an entry through a window is needed.

Thats it so far, History is coming up next! in several minutes :P
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Post by Delvaro » Wed Nov 17, 2010 5:16 pm

Hostory: Velkyn was born in the drow city of Tene'grith to the 11th house, house Val'Serra.

As he grew he began to despise the city and the spiders that crawled it but it was tolerable and his family (Uncle, brother and sister) usualy gave him a reason to endure. After finishing the school of fighters he became the guard captain of his house and was rather renowned for the use of his two enchanted daggers.

When he was of thirty years his best friends attempted to assassinate him and though he failed, Velkyn was injured. That was the straw that broke the camels back. After recovering, he tracked the one who wanted him dead, assassinated him and left the city. Because he had nowhere to go and had no knowledge of such place he spent the next four years in the underdark, raiding duergar caravans and hunting for food, until one day he was captured by one of the major houses of Tene'grith.

He was captured and interrogated by the house's priestesses but soon enough his own house, which he abandoned, came to his rescue. Soon after returning to his old home several houses group together to bring the end to House Val'Serra. They fought but they lost.

Barely surviving the battle, Velkyn escaped the onslought but not before recieving one last thing from his father: Shi'lok and a mission: to find Raven Hills. With that semi sentient sword Velkyn ventured to the surface where a whole new, and uknown world opened for him, a land of opportunities and a land where spiders could be squashed easily.

Due to the obvious language-barrier he was captured by slave traders several years after he emerged to the surface and was sold to the arena of one of the large cities, where he spent his next decade fighting for the pleasure of the crowd, learning several new things and met a new companion. After all those years, a king from the north who saw the young drow perform decided to buy him out of his slavery and use his skills for better purposes.

And so, Velkyn became a high-class assassin, thief and a spy for the king and for many years Velkyn served him, done many missions and even fought in a war. His reputation grew and finally, after all these years he found the place he needed to go to in the first place: Raven Hills, an anciant stronghold from times old which was now infested with an ogre tribe. Oddly enough, by the time of his discovery his sister finds him and with her help they reclaim the stronghold from the beasts and rebuilt it with the help of several friends Velkyn made through the years.

As the years went by, more and more drow flocked through the underdark, seeking refuge withing Raven Hills Stronghold. Velkyn had no choice in his newest title: "Commander of Raven Hills".

Not used and ready to the life and responsibility of leadership -and staying in a single place-he left the stronghold at the hands of his more older and experienced sister, while keeping the title of course, and went on to find more adventure, more beasts to kill and more items to steal.

Woah, now this was the short story of a very, very long story. :P I hope you like it! :D

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Post by Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar » Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:40 pm

[color=red:3spbgxsm]Vendui [/color:3spbgxsm][color=orange:3spbgxsm]to the[/color:3spbgxsm] [color=yellow:3spbgxsm]site[/color:3spbgxsm]! [color=green:3spbgxsm]and [/color:3spbgxsm][color=blue:3spbgxsm]neat [/color:3spbgxsm][color=violet:3spbgxsm]character[/color:3spbgxsm]
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Post by veraka » Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:00 pm

Awesome character and nice job.
Oh and apologies for the name 'Venorik' being taken; I kinda helped a best friend of mine get on the site and helped him come up with things, including the name. Ooppss :tear:

Anyways, very cool char, look forward to seeing more of Vel in the RP forum.
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Post by Aylstra Illianniis » Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:17 pm

Vendui, and welcome! Cool PC.
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Post by Delvaro » Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:52 pm

Hehe, Thank you very much, glad you liked it. Worked on it for quite a while, and i surely will be updating it once in a while :D

And dont worry about Venorik being taken, I did find a new name after all :P Now, any RP's i might join in?

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